An Incomplete Guide to Rock Climbing In Saudi Arabia

Rock Climbing in Saudi Arabia

First of all, I will not pretend like I know everything about climbing in Saudi. This is especially true now that climbing is growing at such a rapid pace. Two years ago there were a handful of bolted routes spread out throughout the country. However, since the founding of the Saudi Climbing Federation a year ago, the climbing scene in Saudi Arabia has grown in leaps and bounds. There are now two world class crags in Al Shafa, near Taif and Tanomah, north of Abha. And the development is continuing. The climbing community has grown as well. Before there were a handful of small groups, spread out across the country, with very little contact. Now, those groups are in regular contact, meeting up to go climbing, and sharing information about all of the new developments. New climbers are finding the sport every day. 


My primary goal in this page will be to share what I’ve learned by living here for the past five years. There is a lot more information now than there was before, but I'll try to provide the perspective of someone with boots on the ground. There are a few websites that have some of the places to climb, but I will try to provide practical information for those trying to find out where to climb, where to find gear, or how to go about starting.

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