• Ryan Olson

Exciting Updates for 2019!

The view from Olympic Crag

There are some exciting things happening in Saudi Arabia's climbing world this year!

First of all, the Saudi Climbing Federation has been hard at work developing climbing in the country. Saudi now has two world class crags bolted by a team based out of Italy. There's Olympic Crag, near the city of Al Shafa near Taif, and there is Al Sharaf Crag outside of Tanoma. I was able to visit Al Shafa and do some climbing and it's superb. I'll be writing a report about it soon. I haven't been able to make it to Al Sharaf yet, but I'm hoping to in the next few months. Best of all, both of these new crags can be climbed almost year round. The Saudi Climbing Federation has fantastic Topos of the area with all of the information you need to and climb there.

We have also been able to replace all of the anchors at the Hareeq Crag south of Riyadh. All of the anchors have quicklinks, so you will have to rappel when you clean, but it's better than lowering off a single bolt and a leaver. We also plan to add some new routes in the coming months. I'll continue to update the information about this crag in my guide.


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